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Create events and calendars with the Dashboard

Share your event and calendar, require RSVP and get attendees

Create, manage and share your
events and calendars like never before.

Our brand-new dashboard is an intuitive and powerful interface designed to help you get your events onto your customers' calendars.

Events and calendars are now the "Dashboard" 💪 In response to amazing feedback from our customers, we’ve merged the events and subscription calendar tools into one easy-to-understand dashboard. We'd love to hear what you think – and most importantly, what tools you need for the future – as we continue to build out new functionality.


Quickly create events with
just a few clicks

You can also easily create multiple calendars to house and organize your different events.


Need to know who is coming?

Easily turn on RSVP functionality for any event to know who is coming. Collect their name, email address and any other custom information you wish to know.


Sharing & Embedding

Sharing and embedding your event or calendar has never been this easy.

Share a single event or multiple at a time by sharing an entire calendar.

Use a beautiful "Add to Calendar" button or embeddable calendar on your website, a URL link on your social media page or powerful "Add to Calendar" links in your email campaigns.

Your users, first.

An unparalleled experience for your end users.

Because at the end of the day, it's not about us, or you —
it's about them.

Tons of features
(and more to come)

Customizable landing pages

Every event and calendar has its own landing page which can be customized with CSS and HTML to fit your design.

Sharing made easy

Share your event or calendar on social media like Facebook and Twitter, embed "Add to Calendar" buttons on your website or add "Add to Calendar" links in your emails and campaigns.

Embeddable calendar

Embed a beautiful calendar on your own website using the "Quick customize" option or tweak the design of your embeddable calendar using a custom template.

Event RSVPs and calendar subscribers

Have your users subscribe to your calendar using their favorite calendar app. Collect custom user information when your users subscribe to your calendar or RSVP for your event.

Automatic calendar synchronization

When you make changes to your events in your calendar, the events are automatically synced on your subscribers calendars.

Tweak your calendar and events

Define your own color palette, set custom event colors, and choose a default time zone.

Export your data

Easily export .CSV files with the data you collect from your event attendees and calendar subscribers.


Use our APIs to manage your calendars and events using your own code.

Import external calendars

E.g. add a google calendar to sync the events it contains with your dashboard calendar.

Event reminders

Customize timing for event reminders in Apple, Google, Outlook, and Outlook.com.

Recurring events

Create custom rules for recurring events in Apple, Google, Outlook, and Outlook.com.

Supported calendars

Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, Outlook, Outlook.com, and Yahoo Calendar.

Supported devices

Engineered and tested for desktops, tablets and mobile devices, including Android, iPhone, Samsung, and Windows. Works perfectly on all modern browsers.

Time zone and DST

Time zone and daylight saving time compatible. Ensures date & time is correct across all time zones.


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Ready to get started?

Get your events on your customers’ calendars.
Increase top-of-mind brand awareness.
Get higher attendance rates.

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