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Embeddable calendar for your website

An embeddable calendar, a subscription calendar, and a data collection service all rolled into one. It’s the comprehensive calendar system you never knew you needed. But now you do 😉

Heads up 🎉 We've been in the process of merging all of the awesome functionality from CalendarX to AddEvent.com. The mission has been accomplished and we strongly recommend using the calendars on AddEvent as it offers improved functionality and a new beautiful design.


A calendar built for your website

CalendarX makes your events visually friendly for your users by giving them an actual calendar to look at on your website. Naturally, it’s 100% customizable.

An embedded calendar is also a great way to keep your users who don’t subscribe to your calendar up to date on your events. Remember, humans are visual beings 🤓


Make it easy for your users

Your users can easily subscribe to CalendarX to add all of your events to their calendars.

And it gets better. If you need to add, delete, or edit an event, you can make the change on your CalendarX, and that change will be reflected on all of your subscribers’ calendars. It automatically updates to keep you and your users in tune.

Data collection

Big data. Small data. Medium-sized data.

CalendarX gives you the option to collect data from your users as they subscribe to your calendar. Name, email address, favorite ice-cream flavor – you decide what to ask them. All this data is organized and easily accessible in your CalendarX account. All data collection and storage is in strict compliance with GDPR requirements.

Tons of features
(and more to come)

Connect with customers

Whether you’re looking to provide a scheduling service, attract new customers, grow sales or keep customers returning for more, CalendarX can help.

Easy to use and understand

Our user interface is easy to understand and operate. There’s no steep learning curve or required training.


Customize your solution exactly how you want it. Fully customizable isn't tweaking a few settings, it's complete freedom to customize everything to make it feel like a natural part of your website.

Know who your followers are

Having followers is great, but knowing who they are is better. Use custom signup forms to build and track your audience and introduce yourself to new subscribers.

Followers enjoy updates

Users who follow a calendar will receive regular, useful updates. Calendar subscriptions have a very low unsubscribe rate compared to other formats such as email. No special event promotions needed as all of your events end up in your audience's calendar.

Calendars as a marketing tool?

Almost all of your users have and use a calendar app. Most of them use it many times a day. Promote special deals or recurring events and have your customers return for more.

Import existing calendars

If you already use an existing calendar system, we can syncronize the events with your CalendarX calendars. We’ll synchronize every hour, so your events stay up-to-date.

Time zone and DST compatible

Did you know there are 17 different daylight savings time rules? And what about all those different time zones? Our cloud based software is tested, tweaked and fine-tuned to capture every time zone and DST rule in the world.

Test, track, optimize, repeat

See how your calendar is performing with interactive data and analytics. Measure and track how your audience is engaging.

We've got your back

Contact our support team any time and we'll get back to you with all the answers you need.

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Get your events on your customers’ calendars.
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Get higher attendance rates.

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