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Calendar & Events APIs

Control your calendars and events remotely

The calendar and events API allow you to work directly with your calendars and events from your own servers/code. All calendars and events created by or connected via the Calendar & Events API are available in the dashboard so you can work with them there as well.

Use the APIs to manage your calendars and events remotely using your own code. We use standard cURL requests, which means you can use your favorite programming language to work with the APIs. format_quote

We're working on it 🎉 We currently have two APIs available. An API for Events, and an API for Calendars. If you have any requests, please let us know. We're here to help. 

Events API

Manage your events

Create new events, edit existing events and delete past or cancelled events – all through the API.

Events created with the API can easily be combined with the “Add to Calendar” button (for websites).

The API also enables you to pull lists of event attendees and view attendee data.

What you currently can manage

  • List events
  • Create, edit and delete events
  • List event attendees
  • View attendee details

$ curl https://www.addevent.com/api/v1/oe/events/create/ ?token=token&title=title&eventname=eventname &description=description&location=location&organizer=organizer &organizer_email=organizer_email&timezone=timezone &reminder=reminder&start_date=start_date&end_date=end_date &all_day_event=all_day_event&rsvp_require=rsvp_require &rsvp_template_id=rsvp_template_id

Calendar API

Manage your calendars

Calendars are your primary tool for organizing your events and sharing multiple events at a time with your users. When your users follow a calendar, all events contained within that calendar will end up on your users' calendars.

Just like events, you can use the calendar API to directly create new calendars, edit existing calendars, and delete calendars.

What you currently can manage

  • List calendars
  • Create, edit and delete calendars

Available soonnew_releases

  • List and view calendar subscribers

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