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Direct URL Method

The "Add to Calendar" link

Build automated "Add to Calendar" functionality into your email campaign templates to give your users add-to-calendar links customized just for them.

If you prefer to generate calendar files to attach to your emails, the Direct URL Method can do that too.

The Direct URL Method is similar to the “Add to Calendar” button, only it’s a configurable link with parameters instead of a button. format_quote

Why would I use the "Direct URL Method"? Our “Add to Calendar” button uses JavaScript which doesn’t work in certain media like emails due to high security. Links, however, work perfectly. The Direct URL Method allows you to create add-to-calendar links in all kinds of media, including emails!

Emails, Newsletters, and Campaigns

Powerful automation for mail APIs

Integrate this customizable URL into the email templates used in your automated campaigns. When you link the URL to your system or event database, the event link contained in each new automated email will be automatically customized with the appropriate new event details.

Thus, as emails are automatically customized for each individual recipient, so too is the add-to-calendar link customized for that recipient. This gives your users a quick and easy way to add the event specific to them to their calendars in each automated email they receive.


Great for your users, great for your business

Do you ever have users (or clients, customers, etc.) who each have a unique class, meeting, or appointment with your business?

If so, you likely automate some or all of your email communication with them. The Direct URL Method was built to work seamlessly in your automated email campaigns so each of your customers can add their own, specific appointment with you to their

calendars, right from the emails you’re automatically sending them.

Appointment confirmation emails? Class reminder emails? Get your meeting on their calendars and they’ll be far more likely to show up (and be on time.) Increase attendance rates and customer satisfaction, all with the Direct URL Method.

An event (.ics file) attached in an email — beautiful feature in Gmail by Google


Landing page or direct event download

We offer two URLs – one that sends your users to an event page, and one that downloads an event file or redirects your users directly do a specific calendar service.

Simply edit the parameters in your chosen URL to customize it for your new event and presto – you’ll have an add-to-calendar link that you can send out to your users in no time flat.

Send your users directly to their calendar or send them to an event page where they can view event details and add the event to their calendar.


Event page

Tons of features
(and more to come)


Easy to install and configure.

Time zone and DST

Time zone and daylight saving time compatible. Makes sure date/time is correct across time zones.


All traffic is secured with RapidSSL 256-bit encryption issued by GeoTrust.

Simple and effective

It's a link with parameters. No need to install anything on your server.

Custom event landing page

Direct your users to an event landing page. It can be customized to look any way you like it.

Event reminders

Custom event reminders in Apple, Google, Outlook and Outlook.com.

Recurring events

Custom recurring events in Apple, Google, Outlook and Outlook.com.

Supported calendars

Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, Outlook, Outlook.com and Yahoo Calendar.

Supported devices

All modern browsers and phone devices like Android, iPhone, Samsung, Windows.


More than 300,000,000 events have been added to users calendars using AddEvent.

Ready to get started?

Get your events on your customers’ calendars.
Increase top-of-mind brand awareness.
Get higher attendance rates.

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