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Just need a plan for personal, non-commercial use? Sign up for a free limited Hobby plan.

Small Business

$19/ month

Billed annually or
$24 month-to-month

  • Tools
  • Dashboard
  • Add to Calendar button Widget
  • Direct URL Method API
  • Calendar & Events API
  • CalendarX
  • AnalyticsWith Annual
  • Usage up to
  • 50 events / month
  • 25,000 event-adds / month
  • 50 active calendars
  • 2,000 active subscribers
  • Account
  • 1 account user
  • Priority support
  • Custom integrations
  • Dedicated account manager


$99/ month

Billed annually or
$129 month-to-month

  • Tools
  • Dashboard
  • Add to Calendar button Widget
  • Direct URL Method API
  • Calendar & Events API
  • CalendarX
  • Analytics
  • Usage up to
  • 500 events / month
  • 250,000 event-adds / month
  • 500 active calendars
  • 50,000 active subscribers
  • Account
  • 10 account users
  • Developer & priority support
  • Custom integrations
  • Dedicated account manager



Alternative payment
methods available.

  • Tools
  • Dashboard
  • Add to Calendar button Widget
  • Direct URL Method API
  • Calendar & Events API
  • CalendarX
  • Analytics
  • Usage up to
  • Unlimited events / month
  • Unlimited event-adds / month
  • Unlimited active calendars
  • Unlimited active subscribers
  • Account
  • Unlimited account users
  • Developer & priority support
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Custom integrations

What is limited usage?
The HOBBY plan has a limited usage license. A limited usage license provides a specified number of times a feature can be used per month. We recommend that you use the HOBBY plan to evaluate the tools on AddEvent. If a tool exceeds the limit in the HOBBY plan, it'll become unavailable for the rest of the month. Please check the limits included in the plan in the overview above.
What is a soft/hard limit?
If your plan reaches a limit it will trigger an action in our system. The HOBBY plan has a "hard limit" which means that when a limit has reached the tool which has extended the limit will become unavailable for the rest of the month. All other plans have soft limits which will not result in any of the tools becoming unavailable. If a limit is reached in any plan our system will notify the account admin and suggest possible upgrades.
Do you offer any discounts to non-profits?
We support non-profits with custom discounts. Please sign up for an account and get in touch with sales@addevent.com. Please attach your 501c(3) status/form.
What is an event-add?
An event-add is when one of your users adds one of your events to their calendar using an AddEvent tool. Event-adds are counted for the Add to Calendar button widget, the Direct URL Method, and all of the sharing methods included in the Dashboard and Calendar & Event APIs. Please note that event-adds are counted for individual events, and not for calendar subscriptions. For example, if you have a calendar with 5 events on it, a user subscribing to that calendar would count as 1 calendar subscriber and 0 event-adds.
What is a subscriber?
When a user subscribes to one of your calendars created via the Dashboard or Calendar API, a connection is created between AddEvent and that user’s chosen calendar system. This connection enables the calendar system to request updates from your calendar so that the user’s calendar will stay up-to-date with any changes you make to your calendar. This user is considered a subscriber in our system.
Can an account be shared?
Your account can be shared with colleagues in your organization. Please notice that only one user can be signed in at a time. In case multiple users sign in at the same time, the first user will be signed out. The plans Professional and Enterprise allow for multiple users to be active at the same time.
Do you offer a free plan?
Yes, we offer a free HOBBY plan for personal, non-commercial use with limited usage.

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